The Great Escaper was released in 2023 and tells the true story of the 89 year old Royal Navy veteran Barnard Jordan, who in 2014 ‘escaped’ from his care home to attend the 70th anniversary celebrations of the D-Day landings in Normandy. Michael Caine plays Jordan with relish and a touch of the old curmudgeon while Glenda Jackson is superb as Irene, his supportive and rather mischievous wife.

The film shies away from too much jingoism and mawkishness, and Jordan’s meeting with a group of German veterans is genuinely moving. A series of flashbacks which depict the events of D-Day and Jordan and Irene’s early days are also well observed.

The film has a particular poignancy as Caine recently announced his retirement from film acting, while Jackson died in June 2023. The Great Escaper is a fitting finale for them both.

Peter Bradshaw in the Guardian gave the film a four star review: “Caine and Jackson and their ineffable class give this film some real grit: it’s a wonderful last hurrah for Jackson and there is something moving and even awe-inspiring in seeing these two British icons together.”

[Please note that The Great Escaper is being shown on a Friday night, due to the availability of the Parochial Hall.]