A special screening to support Sunshine & Smiles, a Down Syndrome charity in Leeds.
Released in 2019, The Peanut Butter Falcon tells the story of a young man with Down’s syndrome who dreams of running away from his care home to become a professional wrestler. Superbly acted by Zack Gottsagen in the lead role, the film is beautifully observed but with moments of great humour as well as emotional heft. Shia LaBeouf is also excellent as the protagonist’s conflicted and troubled companion, and the two create one of the more unlikely ‘buddy’ movies of recent years.

The Guardian gave it a four star review: “The heart of The Peanut Butter Falcon beats to a rhythm that harks back to the ragged romanticism of a Huck Finn adventure, a time when outlaws were armed with charm rather than a tyre iron. Set in the North Carolina Outer Banks, it goes all out on bluegrass economy, a story plucked out on a twanging banjo and the audience’s heartstrings.”

To mark World Down Syndrome Day this week, and support an amazing local charity, all proceeds from this screening will be donated to Sunshine & Smiles in Leeds

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