Membership scheme – important news

We wanted to announce that after a lot of consideration we have decided to withdraw the Membership scheme. When we first set up the cinema we introduced it as a way of gaining support, as well as creating a small fund that helped us hire equipment to get going. Thanks to the loyalty of Members, and the regular full houses that we get, we are now secure in our operation and we can recycle the proceeds from ticket sales into investments in equipment and maintenance that will keep developing in the future. The Membership scheme is quite arduous for us to administer, and, whilst it is a nice way to show your support, it doesn’t generate much income and, we feel, doesn’t offer Members a huge amount in return.  On reflection, we think it would work better for everyone all round if we were able to sell tickets at a £5 flat rate, and not have a separate Member ticket or have to manually update Membership lists.  We hope you understand.

Once again, thank you so much for your support so far!


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