The Farewell is an American-Chinese film from 2019, which has been absolutely storming the awards season, including a Golden Globe for its lead actress and a Bafta nomination for best film not in the English language. A lot of the film is actually in English (well, American), but a substantial portion is in Mandarin Chinese with English subtitles.

The Farewell tells the story of a young American women of Chinese descent, Billi, who travels back to the Chinese city of Changchun to visit her beloved grandmother, who has terminal cancer. The dilemma is that everyone knows about the situation, apart from the grandmother herself. This is because, according to Billi’s mother, “Chinese people have a saying: when people get cancer, they die. But it’s not the cancer that kills them, it’s the fear.”

If this all sounds a bit serious and morbid, don't worry. The Farewell is at times funny, heartwarming, and ultimately uplifting - it is about family, love and belonging. Awkwafina is superb in the lead role (you may have seen her in Crazy Rich Asians), and the film marks a real breakthrough for up and coming director and writer Lulu Wang.

The Wall Street Journal described it as “...a funny, emotionally intricate and deeply moving tale of severed connections and renewed family ties.”

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