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La La Land has it all. Great music, stellar performances and real chemistry from Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, tons of directorial flair, and a moving story about the challenges of maintaining a loving relationship in the face of the pressures of work, ambition and fame.

Gosling plays a jazz musician who wants to own his own club; Stone is a young actress trying to land a part (cue a series of excruciating and funny audition scenes). Their relationship feels real, despite the music and dance numbers that pepper the film, and the pace and tone of the movie never falters.

Director and writer Damien Chazelle first came to prominence with the taut and dynamic Whiplash (shown at Oakwood Cinema in 2016), but La La Land is a very different film and shows great poise and versatility for such a relatively inexperienced director.

The film was a massive box office and critical success and won a huge array of Baftas, Golden Globes and Oscars. The Daily Telegraph’s Robbie Collin wrote: “The delectable new film from Damien Chazelle is a musical. And not just any old musical, but the twirling, soaring kind that was last in style in the 1960s heyday of Jacques Demy, when Catherine Deneuve and Françoise Dorléac swished down sun-drenched boulevards in sorbet-coloured minidresses, trilling glistening jazz-pop numbers that imprint themselves on your heart in one go.”

We also have a live jazz band on the evening provided by the jazz musicians from Roundhay School.

We are also encouraging dressing up. This is your chance to get into the spirit of the movie and dress to impress. It's not compulsory of course, but we think it'd be great to see people put on the Ritz for the evening - we all certainly will be. Although 'La La Land' is set in Los Angeles in the present day, the style is definitely straight from the glamorous heyday of 40s and 50s Hollywood, so anything that feels right will do on the night. Hats are of course very welcome, though you might just have to take them off if the person behind you gets a restricted view.

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