Do you remember the days when we were really rubbish at the Olympics? Especially the winter ones. To be honest, we aren’t much better at them now, but at the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary we had one shining light - Eddie ‘the Eagle’ Edwards. Eddie wasn’t a great ski jumper. In fact he was pretty awful - but his resilience and determination in the face of his own rather obvious limitations made him a huge media star. The fact that he wore big chunky glasses and wasn't exactly good looking somehow added to his charm.

The film, only released earlier this year, tells his story with a great mixture of humour and a somewhat knowing irony. Taron Egerton plays Eddie, and is practically unrecognisable from the tough and charismatic star of The Kingsman. He is very ably supported by a wonderfully gruff Hugh Jackman, taking a break from Wolverine duties, who plays his coach. Look out for Christopher Walken and Jim Broadbent in small supporting roles. For those of us of a certain age, you may be surprised to see the name Dexter Fletcher as Director - yes Baby Face from Bugsy Malone and the star of 1980s TV show Press Gang. Fletcher is gaining a great reputation as a director, following on from Sunshine on Leith and Wild Bill.

The film did well in the box office, and should be seen as an affectionate tribute to the Olympian spirit and the British love of the underdog.

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