What is it to be a parent? How much should we conform to societal norms, or should we in fact do what we think is right and damn the consequences? The lead of this inspirational and thought-provoking film – played by Viggo Mortensen (Lord of the Rings) – has to face such a dilemma.

Raising their children ‘off the grid’ in the wilds of Washington State in the North West USA, Ben and Leslie are determined to survive without any recourse to society. However, when tragedy strikes, the family have to reassess their approach.
Captain Fantastic won a prize for its Director at the 2016 Cannes film festival and it’s not hard to see why – the film features superb performances and is beautifully shot, but it also challenges and provokes. As Rolling Stone wrote: “Viggo Mortensen is at the top of his game in this family dramedy, shot through with humour and heart.”

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